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JOBS.OU.EDU Application System

On January 7th, 2008, the University of Oklahoma launched JOBS.OU.EDU, an improved electronic applicant recruiting system. This launch is an update for OU in Norman and an entirely new system for the Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The new system simplifies the recruitment process while enhancing customer service. 

OU job vacancies from all three campuses are now posted to a centralized web location and applicants apply for job openings online.  Applicants are able to search all OU job postings based on location, job type or title, and check application status online.  Applications and resumes are maintained in a secure web environment.


  • Quicker Job Placement. Hiring managers can view resumes and take action immediately.
  • Up-to-date Information. Job postings are updated daily.
  • Accessibility.  OU Jobs is accessible to job seekers from any computer with Internet access.
  • Flexibility.  Job seekers can submit additional documentation or a new resume for each position that they apply for, and answer questions from hiring managers electronically.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I applied for a job before January 7, 2008. Will I need to apply for that job again?

No. Any applications filed before January 7, 2008 have already been reviewed and do not need to be filed again.

2. I have an application and resume saved in my account from a job I previously applied to at OU. Will I need to make a new application and submit a new resume in the JOBS.OU.EDU system?

If your application was to a job on the Norman campus, your saved application and resume are still valid.

If your saved information was on the previous recruiting systems at HSC or Tulsa, you will need to submit a new application and resume for jobs applied to beginning January 7th using the JOBS.OU.EDU system.

3. How will the new JOBS.OU.EDU system impact university departments?

Several enhancements will improve the current system for Norman departments. Significant changes in service will not occur.

At HSC, access to PeopleSoft Recruitment will continue to be available to process applications and requisitions until February 15th. Starting January 7, 2008, new requisitions will be submitted to the JOBS.OU.EDU system. Additionally, select open positions from the PeopleSoft Recruitment system will be migrated to the new JOBS.OU.EDU system.

At OU Tulsa, requisitions will begin to be processed electronically and online beginning January 7th, 2008.

4. Got other questions? Contact your campus employment department using the Contact link at the bottom of this page.