Student & Graduate Assistant Jobs

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Students can expect to work 10-20 hours and earn $7.25-$10 per hour at an on-campus job. You must be enrolled during the semester for which you're seeking employment. 

On-campus jobs for an upcoming semester start being posted on the dates below. Check back often after these dates because new jobs are posted frequently.

  • Fall 2015 jobs start being posted on April 27
  • Spring 2016 jobs start being posted on November 30

Graduate Assistant Positions

Graduate assistant positions are usually posted and filled through individual departments. Contact a specific academic department for details. 

Search for Off-Campus Jobs

Human Resources provides the Job Location Program, a federally-funded job listing service, to help you find a part-time, off-campus job that fits your schedule. The Job Location Program is kept up-to-date daily. 

You can apply to jobs labeled as Work Study Jobs if you have received and accepted a work study award as part of your financial aid package. Work study jobs could be on-campus or at community service agencies. You must have your own transportation. Contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine your work study eligibility: (405) 325-4521. You must be enrolled during the semester for which you're seeking employment.

NOTE: You must accept your work study award before you are eligible for a work study job.

OU Career Services specializes in preparing OU students for employment. They can help you write a resume, prepare for interviews, and find a job after graduation. OU Career Services is not part of Human Resources. Find more information about OU Career Services here.  

Additional Employment Deadlines & Rules

Graduate Assistants - Norman Campus

Graduate Assistants Not Working in Summer Semester - Norman Campus

  1. If your department terminates your position in the spring and reappoints you in the fall, you must complete new employee hire paperwork in early August. 
  2. Deadline: Submit your new employee hire paperwork by August 12 to receive a paycheck at the end of August. Forms received after August 12 may delay your paycheck until the next pay day at the end of September. 
  3. Deadline: You must be enrolled in classes by August 5 in the Fall and January 5 in the Spring to be eligible for the Student FICA (Social Security) Exemption on your August and January paychecks. The FICA payroll taxes cannot be refunded for late class enrollment.

International Students

International students may work on the campus where they attend class. Positions and work hours may be limited. International students may also be eligible for other employment in specific circumstances and with the approval of their Designated School Officer and/or the US Citizenship & Immigration Services. For more, follow the links below:

All New Employees

Get Paid: Submit new employee forms by your first day of work.