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Supported by the offices of University Community, Human Resources, the Gender and Equality Center, and the Senior Vice President and Provost. Facilitated by the Women's and Gender Studies Center for Social Justice.

Diversity Ally Workshops

The following workshops are now open for enrollment. These workshops represent an enhanced series, available to all Faculty and Staff, titled Diversity Ally. Developed by OU faculty and staff, the Diversity Ally program is designed to improve campus climate by promoting the skills and resources to avoid bias, to provide better support to students, and to disrupt the harmful dynamics when they arise. Participants are provided with information, invited to introspect, and given tools for engaging positively. These workshops may be completed in any order and allow you to earn the Diversity Ally certificate.

All University Faculty and Staff are invited to attend. Click here to sign up for Diversity Ally.

All workshops are currently being offered on the Norman Campus and will likely be offered on the HSC and Tulsa campuses later this year.

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Unlearning Ableism

Ableism is the systematic privileging of bodies and minds that are seen as “normal” or able. It’s also the discrimination or prejudice based on the belief that persons with disabilities need to be “fixed” or cannot function as full members of society. Upon completion attendees will:

  • Understand terms and concepts
  • Identify history that shaped definitions of disability
  • Better understand disability in higher education
  • Identify Ableism
  • Recognize ableism in ourselves, communities, and institutions
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Unlearning Classism Logo

Unlearning Classism

Classism is the prejudice against or in favor of people belonging to a particular social class. In this workshop, facilitators will discuss classist myths in America and encourage discussion between attendees regarding class and social structures and what these things mean to each of us. Upon completion attendees will:

  • Identify terms
  • Understand wealth distribution in the USA
  • Recognize classist myths
  • Identify intersections of our class identities with our other identities
  • Develop strategies to combat classism

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Unlearning Racism Logo

Unlearning Racism

Attendees of this workshop will discuss each other’s perspectives and try to understand, challenge, and learn from each other’s position by asking engaging questions. Some of the discussion may include specific examples of race-related situations specific to university context. Upon completion attendees will:

  • Develop understanding of racism
  • Learn from and challenge each other on racism
  • Discuss examples of race related situations specific to OU
  • Develop strategies to improve university climate
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Unlearning Sexism Logo

Unlearning Sexism

Sexism is a system that privileges one gender over another, creating gender inequality and restrictive gender identity expectations. These systems then become naturalized, self-maintaining, and self-reinforced. Upon completion attendees will:

  • Define and provide examples of sexism through an intersectional perspective
  • Articulate personal and societal impacts of gender-based violence
  • Better identify how sexism impacts people around them
  • Participants will be able to construct three meaningful ways they can confront, resist, and educate about sexism
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Unlearning Trans and Homo Negativity Logo

Unlearning Trans + Homonegativity

Attendees of this workshop will discuss ways to make the university feel more inclusive to members of the LGBTQ community. Participants will interact in honest, open dialog and are encouraged to engage in thoughtful conversations about ways we can work together to make the university a welcoming place for all students, faculty, and staff.

      • Understand the importance of making all feel welcome at the university
  • Identify hurtful behaviors and how to stand up for underrepresented population 
  • Promote equality, dignity, and safety for everyone
Click here to enroll in Unlearning Trans + Homonegativity. 

What is Unlearning?

The term ‘unlearning’ was decided on after researching similar programs and trainings offered around the country. The concept of unlearning is based in the theory that with constant learning, we must unlearn and relearn certain principles and practices. The workshops assist in demonstrating how common practices and behaviors can systematically harm and marginalize others. The workshops introduce ways to “unlearn” these types of actions and behaviors and help prevent such issues in the future. Unlearning is considered necessary in order to help us adapt to better practices and be receptive to change.

Of course, the purpose of the Diversity Ally is to educate others on subtle and not so subtle behaviors that can harm others. However, unlearning applies to most aspects of life. We are constantly unlearning technology and relearning the newest versions. We’ve unlearned nutrition, health habits, and safety precautions all with the benefit of being healthier and safer. Unlearning may be formidable sounding, but the actual process brings about positive growth. The Diversity Ally workshops serve to challenge detrimental behaviors and encourage positive growth within our university community. 

Earn Your Diversity Ally Certificate

If you are passionate about Diversity training and would like to expand your knowledge and experience in working with Diversity issues, you can now earn your Diversity Ally certificate. To earn this certificate, complete all five Unlearning classes. These classes can be completed in any order and if you’ve already taken some of these workshops, we can give you credit retroactively. You will need to keep track of your workshops. Completion will be verified via your employee training record. Your enrollment in Unlearning Trans and Homonegativity also entitles you to your LGBTQ Ally certificate.