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Spring 2016 Wellness Challenge: Eat Right for Life

Healthy Sooners kicked off the Eat Right For Life wellness challenge on March 14. In this 10-week challenge, you are challenged to start making small yet significant changes to your eating habits. This challenge is for teams of 3-5 people and all employees are welcome to participate. Teams become eligible for prize drawings as they complete the challenge's phases. Team captains should've registered their teams by March 14.

Based on the book Eat Right for Life, this challenge will inspire you to focus on the five key nutritional areas below and work toward transforming unhealthy eating behaviors into healthy habits that will promote a lifetime of good health. You will get a copy of the Eat Right for Life book and you'll have the opportunity to assess and improve your current eating behaviors in the following categories:
  1. Conquer Your Carbs
  2. Give Yourself An Oil Change
  3. Get Obsessed With Fruits And Veggies
  4. Select The Healthy Proteins
  5. Drink the Right Beverages

Registration is closed. Contact HealthySooners with any questions.

Wellness Challenge Rules

  1. The challenge is divided into 5 two-week phases corresponding to the five nutritional areas above.
  2. Each team member chooses their own level of challenge for each phase: beginner, intermediate, or advanced (see the participant packet). Team members can choose different challenge levels.
  3. Team members track their own progress toward their goals.
  4. Team members receive a "complete" for each phase when they've met the goal they've individually chosen at least 50% of the time during the phase's two weeks.
  5. The team receives a "complete" for each phase when all its team members receive a "complete" in that phase. 
  6. Each phase includes a prize drawing. All teams earning a "complete" in a phase are entered into that's phase's prize drawing.
  7. Teams that successfully complete all five phases as described in #3 and #4 are entered in the grand prize drawing at the end of the challenge.