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OU Programs Self-Service Directions

Introduction to Self-Service

If you've never used used Self-Service before, download instructions.


Your OUNet ID is a computer user account that provides access to many of the computer network resources on the university campus. Each employee at the university is assigned a computer user account.

To access your OUNet account, you will need to know your OUNet ID or username (sometimes referred to as your "4 plus 4"). The OUNet account is created with the first 4 letters of your last name (lowercase) plus (+) the last 4 digits of your 9-digit Sooner ID number.

For example, if your last name is Sooner and your 9-digit OU ID number is 123-45-6789, then your OUNetID will be soon6789. If your last name has only 3 or less then characters,your OUNet ID will be all of the letters in your last name plus the last four numbers of your OU ID number.

For more information about the OUNet ID, contact Information Technology's computer help desk at 325-HELP (4357).

Password Assistance

The quickest way to get a new password is to use the "Forgotten Password" link located on the IT Account Managment page. This feature only works if you set it up before you need it. In the meantime you can call 325-help or email

Incorrect Personal Information in Self-Service

Send us an email with the error and the correction to