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Payroll Questions

When do I get paid?

Hourly employees are paid every other Friday (see Payroll Schedule). Monthly employees are paid on the last working day of the month.

How long do I wait before receiving my first paycheck?

All employees should complete the forms (I-9, W-4, loyalty oath, etc) in Payroll within their first three days of employment. After this is done and Payroll has processed the employee's current appointment, pay will be processed on the next available payroll. Usually hourly employees will wait 2 to 3 weeks depending on when they started working and monthly employees receive theirs at the end of the month.

Where do I pick up my paycheck?

All checks are picked up at Payroll Distribution located in Buchanan Hall, Room 105.

Can I have my check direct deposited?

Direct deposit is mandated for state government employees. You must complete the direct deposit form within 15 days of hire or you will be defaulted to the PayCard. Click here to find the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form. Return the completed form to Payroll Distribution in Buchanan Hall, room 208 in Norman, to SCB Room 118 at the Health Sciences Center, or to 1C114, Human Resources in Tulsa. The employee should allow up to 60 days for processing before checks can be direct deposited. The first check should be picked up at Payroll Distribution; thereafter, you should verify deposit with your financial institution. If you are defaulted to the PayCard, you will pick up your PayCard in Payroll Distribution on the scheduled pay date.

When and where do I receive my earnings statement (check stub)?

The earnings statements are mailed to your campus address three days prior to payday. If you are not receiving your earnings statement, check your PeopleSoft Self-Service page to make sure your campus address is correct. If you are a Peak employee, your earnings statement is mailed to your home.

How are taxes calculated?

Taxes are figured using tax tables provided by the federal and state government. The calculations are based on the amount of pay, the pay period, and the allowances you claimed on your W-4. If you receive more money than usual during a particular pay period this could move you to a higher tax table causing more taxes to be withheld for the pay period.

Why were no federal taxes taken out?

Depending on how much you are paid and the exemptions you claim on your W-4, your gross earnings for a pay period may not be enough to put you in the lowest tax table. When this happens, you may not pay enough or any federal taxes. If this should be the case on many of your paychecks, you may wish to visit with your Payroll technician to discuss other options for paying additional taxes. That way you won't be surprised with an amount due when you figure your income taxes at the end of the year.

What are FICA taxes and why do some employees not pay this type of tax?

FICA taxes are Medicare and Social Security taxes. IRS permits certain students to be exempt from paying FICA (social security taxes) who work at the college they are attending pursuant to Internal Revenue Code 3021(b)(10). U.S. students meeting the requirements for student employment status at the University of Oklahoma can be exempt from paying FICA if they are enrolled at least half-time during the semester. Student status is audited prior to the payroll and those students not enrolled at least half-time will be charged FICA. If a student drops below half time enrollment, the employee must pay FICA taxes. International students who maintain their student visa responsibilities are not subject to FICA taxes until they meet substantial presence (in U.S. for more than five years). At this point they become subject to the same FICA rules that apply to U.S. students.

What payroll deductions are available other than Sooner Options and Teacher's Retirement?

OU Federal Credit Union, United Way, parking permits, athletic tickets, University Donor, GA health insurance, retirement annuities including 403(b) and 457(b), and Oklahoma college savings plan. Contact your Payroll technician for more details.

What is a W-2 and when are they mailed out?

A W-2 is a wage and tax statement. The W-2's are prepared after the end of the calendar year and must be mailed to the employee by January 31st.

How do I request a duplicate W-2?

Requests for prior year duplicate W-2's are not accepted before February 15, of the current year. Requests are processed one day a week and will be mailed to the employee unless otherwise specified. To avoid having your W-2 sent to the wrong address, please be sure to update your address with the Office of Payroll and Personnel Records or through your campus Employee Self Service prior to December 31st.

How do I change my state or federal tax information?

If you are an active employee you can change your tax information by logging into Employee Self-Service and go to the Payroll and Compensation tab.