Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies don't happen very often, but it's never too early to be prepared in case they do. Use the resources below to be safe and prepared on campus. NOTE: Included on the pages linked below is access to update your emergency contact information. This is especially important because the university will use this information to contact you in case of a campus emergency. 

  • iceDOT - Personal Emergency Preparedness provided by OU at no charge. You register the information that'd you want EMS providers to know in case of emergency like your name, allergies, medications, chronic conditions, insurance, and emergency contacts. If something happens to you, emergency personnel will look for the iceDOT ID you carry and use the iceDOT system to help deliver the right medical care or contact your loved ones.   
  • Norman: Emergency Preparedness
  • Health Sciences Center Police Department: Emergency Management 
  • Tulsa Environmental Health & Safety: Emergency Procedures