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This page is intended to make HR policies and guidelines easily accessible to supervisors and staff. It is not inclusive of all university policies, practices, or procedures. Individual departments may establish additional policies or practices specific to their operational needs.

Human Resources has the authority to interpret Human Resources policies and reserves the right to change, amend or terminate any of its policies at any time for any reason, with or without notice. Under no circumstances are the statements contained in these documents to be considered a contract of employment, an obligation, or guarantee on the part of the university.

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Recent Updates to Staff Handbooks

Section Description Added to Handbook Extended Sick Leave Policy Broadens the use of the Extended Sick Leave policy. November 2023 Eligibility for Rehire Policy Oulines the eligibility for rehire of an employee. March 2023 Paid Parental Leave Policy Policy that applies to all benefits-eligible faculty and staff appointed to regular positions of .5 or greater FTE and have completed twelve (12) months of benefits-eligible service. September 2022
3.9.2 Breastfeeding Support Updated policy to add information and clarification to the university's Breastfeeding Support Policy. October 2021
 5.14 Candidacy for Political Office Updated policy to allow employees to take a leave of absence while running for political office instead of requiring resignation. Approved by Board of Regents June 2018. April 2019
 4.1 Benefit Programs The enrollment details for new employees has been updated.  June 2017
 4.2 Retirement The waiting period for university contributions to retirement plans has been updated.  September 2016
 5.34 Fraud Prevention, Reporting, and Whistleblower Protection Policy  Describes the reporting steps related to the prevention of fraud and the protections offered to employees who report fraud in good-faith.  July 2016
 4.3 Pay Describes how employees are protected from discrimination if they inquire, discuss, or disclose information about pay.  Jan. 2016 Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) Describes the pre-employment physical assessment required for some positions before employment.  Nov. 2015 Payment of Accrued Leave upon Termination Employees are now paid out for their accrued paid leave upon termination regardless of how long they have been employed. Fall 2015
3.10.1 Paid Time Off Describes situations when an employee can choose a leave of absence without pay even when they have paid time off available.  Fall 2015
4.3.1 Overtime The types of hours included in the computation of overtime hours has been updated.  Fall 2015