ADA Services for Faculty & Staff

The University of Oklahoma is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The Office of Human Resources is the designated office responsible for assisting employees with the formal ADA process to request reasonable accommodations at the University of Oklahoma. These determinations and accommodations are made in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

Interactive ADA Process Description

Requests for accommodation must be initiated by the individual who requires accommodation. For an employee or job applicant, the request can be made during the search process or at any time after hiring. To engage in the formal ADA process, employees should contact the ADA Administrator for his/her respective campus. Once the employee has entered into the interactive process with the ADA Administrator, an initial intake meeting will be scheduled. At this time the employee should feel free to discuss his/her situation candidly with the ADA Administrator; all employee health information remains protected and will not be disclosed outside the Office of Human Resources. During this meeting, the ADA Administrator and the employee will discuss the impact of the disability in the job setting, possible reasonable accommodations, and the essential functions of the employee’s position. All reasonable accommodations are determined on an individual basis.

Steps to a Reasonable Accommodation

  • Employees should contact the appropriate ADA Administrator for his/her campus.
  • An initial intake will be scheduled.
    • During this intake, the ADA Medical Inquiry form will be issued to the employee with a copy of his/her position description for completion by the employee’s health care provider. The ADA Medical Inquiry form has been developed to assist health care providers in submitting the appropriate information to substantiate the employee’s disability, what job functions are impacted, and to supply recommendations for accommodations, adaptive services, assistive devices, etc. The ADA Medical Inquiry form is not required but recommended. If the employee’s health care provider wishes to relay this information in another format, that information will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Employee medical records may not provide the ADA Administrator with all the necessary information to establish accommodation.
  • Once submitted documentation is reviewed by the ADA Administrator, the employee will be contacted to discuss next steps.
    • The employee and the ADA Administrator will discuss possible reasonable accommodations.
    • The ADA Administrator will discuss proposed accommodations with the employee’s departmental representative.
    • Once appropriate reasonable accommodations have been determined, an accommodation memo will be issued and implemented as soon as possible, within a reasonable timeframe.

Contact Information

Norman ADA Administrator: Vanessa Llach,, 405-325-5397

Tulsa ADA Administrator:

HSC ADA Administrator: