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Effective leadership is a requirement for the continued success of The University of Oklahoma. Leadership skills are developed over time through the knowledge learned in professional, personal, and community-service experiences. The HR Learning and Organizational Development (L&OD) department designed the New Leader Development (NLD) program to provide employees with opportunities to learn the fundamental principles and skills necessary for leadership excellence. Program participants become immersed in 40 hours of leadership development-focused learning over an 18-month period. This necessitates active participation in six required, sequential workshops with a cohort, and collaborating with their supervisor to identify and complete 22 hours of elective leadership development courses.

Target Audience

  • High-potential associates (individuals seeking skills necessary to move into their first leadership role).
  • New managers, supervisors, team leads, or project leads who have never benefited from any type of leadership development.
  • Existing leaders interested in revisiting the fundamental principles and skills to hone their leadership capabilities.

About the Program

Participation Expectations

  1. Complete Six Required Core Workshops (approximately 18 hours)
  • Actively participate in the six core sequential workshops scheduled for the selected cohort.
    1. The workshops are set on a scheduled date/time each month depending on the cohort the individual chooses when completing their application.
    2. These instructor-led workshops are facilitated by L&OD team members.
  • Complete all individual and group assignments and homework.
  • Participants must have the ability to join and actively participate in these three-hour video Zoom workshops. Video and audio capability are required as participants must be present, focused, responsive, and on camera the entire session.

  1. Work with your supervisor to identify and complete enough leadership or management-related elective courses to equal 40 total hours of program participation. Elective hours can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Complete and submit the NLD Completion Form by midnight on the 18-month program completion deadline date. 
    •    The L&OD team will verify the completion of the six core workshops and electives equal to at least 40 hours of learning.
    •    Copies of the Certificate of Completion(s) produced by LinkedIn Learning should be scanned into one document and uploaded into
           the completion form.
    •    NLD Certificates of Completion will be sent to participants on a quarterly basis.

NLD Start & Cohort Session Dates

We are currently enrolling for the following cohorts. 

NOTE: If these cohorts are full or the dates do not work with your schedule, you may proceed with completing the NLD Application Form. Be sure to select the Future Cohort date option from the drop-down menu. We encourage you to begin working on your elective courses as soon as you complete the program registration form. Watch for notices about new NLD Cohort start dates.


NLD Cohorts


NLD Start/Core Session

One Dates


Core Session Two Dates


Core Session Three Dates


Core Session

Four Dates


Core Session

Five Dates


Core Session Six Dates

Cohort 15

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Cohort 16

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Note: Workshop changes and cancellations are possible and will be communicated by L&OD as soon as possible. Added elective workshops will be shared with participants and reflected on the NLD Completion Form.


Module Expired - 6/27/2022 12:00:00 AM

How to Register

  1. Download and complete the New Leader Development Agreement form before accessing the NLD Program Application form. For full functionality, please be sure you open all PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat; do not complete in browser. 
  • This document must be
      1. Signed by the participant and their immediate supervisor.
      2. Saved as PDF.
      3. Uploaded into the application form.
  1. Complete the New Leader Development Program Application.
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered for enrollment into the New Leader Development program. Please ensure all fields are completed and all required documents are attached.
    • L&OD will review all applications and notify registrants and their supervisors on a weekly basis. Notifications are sent on the Tuesday following registration.
  1. Report registration challenges to learninganddevelopment@ouhsc.edu.

Tracking Completion

  1. Download a copy of the NLD Tracking and Completion Form and use it to track your progress towards program completion. A completed copy of this form must be uploaded into the NLD Completion Verification Form. 
  2. Workshop attendance records will be used to verify instructor-led workshop attendance and uploaded copies of LinkedIn Learning course Certificates of Completion will be used to verify online course completions.
  3. For Instructor-led workshops:
    1. Participants must follow the sign-in instructions for each workshop.
    2. Zoom workshop facilitators will verify attendance as they admit you into the session or ask you to type your name into the chat. Participants must be present for the entire workshop and have their camera on and focused on them for the entire workshop.
    3. Only instructor-led workshops listed on the completion form will count toward program completion. Any new workshops added after your registration will be shared with program participants. 
  4. Participants should confirm their HR instructor-led workshops attendance record by logging in and viewing their PeopleSoft (Self-Service) portal Learning and Development Training Summary page three to four days after each session.
  • NOTE: The L&OD team does not control the upload of information from the Training Calendar to PeopleSoft; IT (Information Technology) uploads this information on a weekly schedule. If you do not see it there AFTER 7 business days, please email learninganddevelopment@ouhsc.edu.
  1. Participants may only be actively enrolled in one L&OD program at a time. Workshops listed in multiple L&OD programs will only count toward the completion of one program. In other words, L&OD participants may NOT use the same workshop to meet the course requirements of a different L&OD program.
  2. Submit the NLD Completion Verification Form once the six Core workshops (18 hours) have been completed and the 22 elective hours have been earned totaling 40 program learning.
  3. Program completion requests are verified and issued once a quarter.
    • Completion forms received by March 31 are verified in April. Certificates are issued by May.
    • Completion forms received by June 30 are verified in JulyCertificates are issued by August.
    • Completion forms received by Sept. 30 are verified in October. Certificates are issued by November.
    • Completion forms received by Dec. 31 are verified in January. Certificates are issued by February.
  4. Upon completion of the NLD program, a Certificate of Achievement will be sent to the participant and their supervisor will be notified about their team member’s amazing accomplishment.

Email learninganddevelopment@ouhsc.edu if you have program completion questions or need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only enroll in the program at the start of a new cohort?

No. You can enroll in the program at any time and begin working on your 22 hours of elective workshops. An L&OD team member will work with you to select and enroll you in the next available cohort.

What if I completed an elective workshop(s) before I signed up for the NLD program?

If you completed an elective workshop(s) within three months of starting the New Leader Development program, it or they can be counted toward completion of the program.

Should I enroll in the program if I suspect that I will not be able to complete the program in 18 months (about one and a half years)?

We believe 18 months (about one and a half years) is ample time to complete the New Leader Development program, therefore, it is not our practice to extend program completion beyond the allotted completion time. If you are enrolled in NLD and do not know your current target completion date, please email learninganddevelopment@ouhsc.edu for this information.

What happens if a participant misses a cohort workshop and does not notify the program administrator?

Participants who must miss a cohort workshop are responsible for contacting the L&OD team in advance of the absence at learninganddevelopment@ouhsc.edu. An unexpected absence should be reported within two days of the missed workshop. Participants who do not contact the L&OD team regarding their absence or miss more than one cohort workshop will be asked to reapply to the program.

Is this a prerequisite for other leadership development programs?

This is not a prerequisite for any other leadership development programs. However, it will help you develop solid skills which you may then apply as you complete other programs.

May I apply any other type of learning (university course work, independent study, conference presentations, etc.) to my elective hours?

No. All elective hours for the New Leader Development program must come from the verified attendance of an approved L&OD instructor-led workshop (either in person or via Zoom) or the completion of a LinkedIn Learning course verified by a Certificate of Completion. 


For full functionality, complete all forms in Adobe Acrobat; do not complete in browser.
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