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Effective leadership is required for the continued success of The University of Oklahoma. Contrary to the belief of some, leadership is not something with which only a select few are born. Leadership skills are developed over time through the knowledge learned in professional, personal, and community-service experiences. This New Leader Development program is designed to provide participants with opportunities to learn fundamental principles and skills necessary for personal leadership development and success at The University of Oklahoma.

As long as the university is operating under the restrictions of limited in-person class, all HR instructor-led workshops will be conducted via Zoom and will last approximately 90 minutes, required/Core sessions will last 3.5 hours. If/When the restriction of limited in-person class sizes is lifted, we will communicate a new approach at that time.

Target Audience

  • High-potential associates (individuals seeking skills necessary to move into their first leadership role)
  • New managers, supervisors, team leads, or project leads, who have never benefited from any type of leadership development
  • Existing leaders interested in revisiting the fundamental skills necessary to improve their leadership skills

About the Program

Participation Expectations

(Please see Completion Form for full list of workshops/required hours)
  • Self-direct program - participants may progress at their own pace
    • Six months is the minimum amount of time necessary to compete the program
  • Fulfill all program requirements within 18 months of application date
Course Requirements
  • Complete 40 total hours of learning
    • Required Workshops (18 hours)
      • Six core HR modules designed around the book Bud to Boss by Eikenberry and Harris
      • The six core HR modules MUST be taken in sequential order. Missing any one module will remove you from that cohort.
      • The workshops are set on a scheduled date/time each month depending on the cohort the individual chooses when completing their application, see Cohort Session Dates for specific dates and times.
      • These modules are instructor led by the OU Learning and Organizational Development Team

    • Elective Workshops (22 hours)
      • Instructor-led HR Workshops
        • The selection of these modules will be determined by you and your supervisor
        • These HR workshops can be located on the Training Calendar
      • Online training modules through LinkedIn.com
        • Specific links for OU employees are located on the right-hand side of the page under Other Learning Resources
          • OU.EDU participants will use the link for Norman programs
          • OUHSC.EDU participants will use the link for Norman programs
        • The selection of these modules will be determined by you and your supervisor.
        • Modules must be leadership or management related.
        • As part of the program completion documentation you will have to supply copies of the "Certification of Completion" documents produced by LinkedIn Learning.

    Cohort Session Dates

    We are currently enrolling for the next two cohorts. 

    We are currently taking registrations for the next two cohorts. If these cohorts are full or the dates do not work with your schedule, you may proceed with completing the application and select "wait for (month) start date" in the 'cohort start date/time' drop-down menu.

    We encourage you to begin working on your 22 supplemental/elective courses now!

        Cohort 15: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm     
    on the following dates:  
    Cohort 16: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm     
    on the following dates:  
        Wednesday, April 13, 2022 Wednesday, April 13, 2022
        Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Wednesday, May 11, 2022 
        Wednesday, June 8, 2022 Wednesday, June 8, 2022
        Wednesday, July 13, 2022 Wednesday, July 13, 2022
        Wednesday, August 10, 2022 Wednesday, August 10, 2022 
        Wednesday, September 14, 2022 Wednesday, September 14, 2022 




    How to Register

    How to Register
    • Download the New Leader Development Agreement Form (do this before you begin the next step, accessing the Qualtrics application). Form is also located on the right under Documents.
      • Must be signed, saved as PDF, and attached to your Qualtrics applicationForm is also located on the right under Documents.
      • Must be signed by participant's immediate supervisor.
    • Complete the Qualtrics application
      • The Learning and Organizational Development (L&OD) Team will download and review all applications on a weekly basis and notify participants and their supervisors by Tuesday of the following week.
      • Any Qualtrics application that is incomplete will not be considered for enrollment into the New Leader Development program; please double check all fields are completed and all required documents are attached.
    • L&OD suggests that once you are accepted into the New Leader Development program you save a copy of the tracking/completion form and use it to help montitor your progress.
    • If you have difficulty with the registration process, please contact the department.

    Tracking Completion

    • Write in the completion date of each workshop you attend on the completion form.
      • Workshop attendance records will be used for verification purposes. Be sure to sign in for any workshop attended in person. For Zoom workshops, facilitators will verify attendance as they admit you to the session.
      • You must be present for the entire workshop. If the HR workshop is conducted via Zoom, the participant must have their camera on (and focused on them) during the entire workshop.
      • Attendance records for all HR instructor-led workshops are uploaded to the participant’s PeopleSoft (Self-Service) Learning and Development Training Summary.
        • The L&OD team recommends participants check their PeopleSoft, Self-Service, Learning and Development account 3-4 days after you complete a workshop and make sure their attendance is recorded. The Learning & Organizational Development (L&OD) team does not control the upload of information from the Training Calendar to PeopleSoft; IT uploads this information on a weekly schedule. If you do not see it there AFTER 7 business days, please reach out to the L&OD department
    • Workshops listed in multiple leadership development programs will only count toward the completion of one leadership program at a time. Participants may NOT use the same workshop to meet the course requirements of a different leadership development program.
    • Participants may only be actively enrolled in one HR leadership program at a time.
      • If a participant is enrolled in this program they may not be concurrently enrolled in the New Leader Development program.
    • Only workshops listed on the completion form will count toward program completion. Any new workshops added after your registration will be reflected on the L&OD website and will be added to the Inclusive Leadership Program Completion Form. 
    • Once the total course hours are reached, participants should email completion forms to the L&OD department.
    • A Certificate of Achievement will be sent through campus mail and the participant's supervisor will be notified that their employee has completed the program.
      • Program completion requests will be verified and issued once per calendar quarter.
        • Q1 received by March 31 will be verified in April and certificate issued by May.
        • Q2 received by June 30 will be verified in July and certificate issued by Aug.
        • Q3 received by Sept. 30 will be verified in Oct. and certificate issued by Nov.
        • Q4 received by Dec. 31 will be verified in Jan. and certificate issued by Feb.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the next time this program will be offered or start?

    We will begin our next cohorts in April 2021. Dates and times of these sessions will be posted in first quarter 2021. However, we encourage you to sign up for the New Leader Development Program now and begin working on your 22 hours of elective courses!

    Can I only enroll in the program at the start of a new cohort?

    No. You can enroll in the program at any time and begin working on your 22 hours of Elective Workshops. The L&OD Training Coordinator will work with you to select and enroll you in the next available cohort for the required workshops.


    What if I completed a supplemental workshop before I signed up for this leadership program?

    If you have attended a workshop within 3 months of starting this leadership development program, Learning & Organizational Development will count it toward your completed courses. 

    I am very interested in this program, but my role on campus does not allow me to leave my office very often for professional development. Can I still enroll in this program even if I am unable to complete the hours within 18 months?

    A certain number of in-class hours (18) are required; these are the core program workshops. The program is designed for participants to engage in 3-4 hours of monthly learning opportunities, at a minimum. In our current operating environment, all HR workshops will be conducted via Zoom.

    It is our policy to not extend program due dates, as we believe the program time frames allow ample time for completion. If you are enrolled in a leadership program and do not know your current target completion date, please contact the department for this information.

    What happens if I miss one of the core workshops?

    What happens if a participant misses a core workshop and does not notify the program Administrator?

    It is the participant’s responsibility to reach out to the HR L&OD team and let them know he/she/they will not be attending the upcoming core workshop. The participant can ask to be transferred to the next available cohort opening (if there is an available spot).

    In the event a participant ‘no-shows’ a core workshop:

    • The participant will have two (2) business days from the date of the missed session to reach out to the HR L&OD team and asked to be moved to the next available cohort.
    • If the participant does not contact the HR L&OD team within two (2) business days the participant will be removed from the program. He/she/they will have to resubmit a new application and start the program over, beginning with session one.

    Is this a prerequisite for other leadership development programs?

    This is not a prerequisite for any other leadership development programs. However, it will help you develop solid skills which you may then apply as you complete other programs.

    May I apply any other type of learning (university course work, independent study, conference presentations, etc.) to my elective hours?

    May I apply any other type of learning (university course work, independent study, conference presentations, etc.) to my elective hours?

    No. All learning activity for this HR New Leader Development program must be completed by: confirmed attendance at an HR instructor-led workshop (either in person or via Zoom); and/or confirmed by Certificate of Completion through LinkedIn Learning. 


    Application & Tracking Documents
    Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa
    Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa
    Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa

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