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Applications for Leadership Council are Now Closed.

For any questions regarding your Leadership Council application, please contact the HR Learning and Development office.

About OU Leadership Council

OU Leadership Council is an annual eight-month leadership development program that engages up to 24 university leaders across all three campuses to enhance their leadership skills. Those accepted into the program have the opportunity to develop close professional relationships with their cohort members, volunteer in their community, and learn from/network with other leaders within the university. Through the program participants experience a  level of self-improvement that prepares them for career advancement. 

The program begins with an Everything DiSC Workplace Behavior Assessment to help participants understand their preferred communication style and learn about communicating with people with different communication styles. Sessions include a guest speaker and provide real-world exercises and tools that participants can use in their workplaces. The five core learning sessions focus on Kouzes and Posner’s five practices of exemplary leadership: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.


Applicants must meet below criteria to be considered for the OU Leadership Council:

  • 2019 performance review must be at the "MEETS EXPECTATIONS" or higher level AND must be on file with the Office of Human Resources
  • Must be OU staff members who have been with the University for a minimum of one year
  • Held a leadership position at OU for at least one year
  • Currently directly supervise at least one full-time staff employee or manage a program that is university-wide or of significant size and complexity
  • Served in current leadership position for at least 6 months
  • A bachelor's degree or 4 years equivalent relevant work experience
  • Applicants are employees who want to take the next step in leadership development, and hope to be a future leader of the university
Eligibility requirements are in place to ensure that those selected for the program have an established relationship with peers, their supervisor, and those they supervise. 

Those who are accepted to the Leadership Council are expected to attend ALL sessions. Please do not apply if you cannot attend all sessions. Missing more than 3 hours (cumulative) will result in the participant being removed from the program. Note: Failure to attend all sessions will result in dismissal and the employee's department will incur a $500 fee. See the Expectations tab for more information.

Session Dates

Applicants are required to attach a signed time commitment form to their applications. Before applying, please review the session dates and locations below. If you are unable to attend all sessions, please do not apply. 
Program Dates:

All sessions are 8am - 5pm unless otherwise noted. 

Thursday, August 27 Welcome Session (10am - 4pm) Norman
Thursday, September 24 Team Challenge Day HSC
Thursday, October 22 Model the Way Tulsa
Thursday, December 3 Inspire a Shared Vision HSC
Thursday, January 28 Challenge the Process Norman
Thursday, February 25 Enable Others to Act Tulsa
Thursday, March 25 Encourage the Heart HSC
Thursday, April 22 Graduation (2pm - 6pm) Norman


Applications for the 2020 - 2021 Class are now open.
Notification of Selection or Non-Selection: August 13, 2020
To Apply: Complete the online application along with the following attachments: 

  • Completed Time Commitment Form
  • Current résumé
  • 1 letter of recommendation from your current supervisor or another leader in your supervisory line.


In addition to in-person sessions, members of Leadership Council will be required to complete interpersonal tasks and assignments in between meetings including but not limited to: 

Assessments: Particularly at the beginning of the program, participants will complete assessments that will be the foundation of developing your individual leadership skills and understanding. 

Readings and Videos: Each workshop will have pre-work that must be completed prior to attending the session. Pre-work includes: reading 2-3 book chapters, reading 2-4 articles, and watching 2-3 videos.

Interpersonal Development Activities: Much of the out-of-session activity will be working with other Leadership Council team members and accountability partners on different items. Members will also have assignments focus on the relationships within your departments, so meetings with your supervisor and those you supervise are expected. Finally, there is an out-of-class community service activity that is done with fellow members. 

Reflections: Participants will be required to submit written reflections on different topics and discussion points presented in different sessions. 

Community Service Activities: Participants will register with a University-approved organization to provide 3-4 hours of volunteer work outside of regular work hours. After completing the service hours, groups will present on their takeaways and experiences at one of the sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the selection process work?

Completed applications and all required documents are reviewed and scored by a tri-campus external selection committee. Any documents not submitted will result in a deduction in scoring. See the Application tab for all necessary documents. 

2. Is there a cost associated with the Leadership Council?

The cost of attending is covered by Human Resources; however, participants' departments will incur a $500 fee if the participant withdraws from the program with less than 48 hours’ notice of the first session date, or if they miss more than 3 hours (cumulative) of the scheduled workshops.

3. How much time outside of the scheduled sessions will I be committing to the program?

Because learning styles, schedules, and team dynamics vary on an individual basis, it is difficult to predict. You may refer to the above Expectations tab to view a summary of coursework and make an inference based on your information processing style. 

4. Do I have to have a recommendation in order to apply?

Yes. Even if your reference letter comes from another member of your supervisory line, your direct supervisor must approve your participation in the program. Not submitting a recommendation letter will result in a deduction in total scoring. 

5. What if I do not supervise an employee?

Due to the nature of the exercises, we ask that all participants supervise at least one full-time staff member. However, if you manage a program that is university-wide or of significant size and complexity, you may submit an application for consideration.

6. What if I know I can’t attend the session on one of the dates?

Please do not apply if you know you have a scheduling conflict with any of the session dates. Missing more than 3 hours (cumulative) of the scheduled workshops will result in a participant being removed from the program and his/her department incurring a fee of $500.

2020 - 2021 Leadership Council Documents

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Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa


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