Meet OU's Professional Coaching Partner: Pixel Leadership Group

We are thrilled to announce that the university has partnered with Pixel Leadership Group to bring the benefits of coaching to OU! Pixel Leadership Group (i.e., “Pixel”) offers five Coaching Programs to provide clarity and ease of the process. Pixel will work with you to adapt these programs as necessary or to design a Custom Coaching Program to meet your needs. They use a strengths-based coaching approach which is characterized as feedback-rich and stakeholder-centric to help individuals to deepen self-awareness, focus on targeted goals, accelerate development, and create accountability throughout the process. 

Visit the OU Client Portal (https://www.ou-pixelclientportal.com/) where you can learn more about Pixel and their coaching programs – as well as initiate a coaching engagement.

Pixel: How You Can Benefit from Coaching


How can I engage the Pixel Leadership Team for coaching?

 Access all of our coaching programs and the ability to set up an account via this web portal. 


What's the process for starting a coaching engagement?

Go to "The Process" page of the portal to: 

1. Create an Account 

2. Launch a New Coaching Engagement and 

3. Provide Coachee Information.

I want to receive Coaching, where do I start?

Review the Coaching Services section of the portal where you can read about our various programs. Once you have decided you would like to move forward, contact your supervisor. If you are unsure whom to contact, please send an email to the OU Learning & Organizational Development team

I still have questions- who can help?

Please email Pixel Leadership Group - info@pixelleadershipgroup.com


Read the flyer for Pixel Leadership Group


Pixel Leadership Group 
Rebecca Behle
(917) 740-2325

OU Learning & Development
Human Resources
(405) 271-2180