Extended Sick Leave (ESL)

Extended Sick Leave (ESL) is paid time off (PTO) accrued beyond the maximum allowance of PTO for staff and faculty with 12-month appointments. Review Paid Time Off Accrual Rates here. Extended Sick Leave can be used for absence due to personal illness after you have used five consecutive working days of paid leave for missed work time. If you do not have paid leave to cover the first five consecutive days, then you must take unpaid leave before you can use ESL.

Faculty with 9-month appointments* accrue 96 hours (12 days) of ESL per year instead of PTO. There is no maximum accrual amount for full-time 9-month faculty members with the rank of instructor or above who hold continuous appointments. Nine-month faculty do not accrue other paid leave. Extended Sick Leave can be used for personal illness or illness of a family member and may be used immediately. Faculty on a 9-month contract who will be out more than three days may qualify for FMLA. Absences of 9-month faculty for reasons other than personal illness or illness of a family member will be charged as leave without pay.

NOTE: Employees on Extended Sick Leave do not accrue Paid Time Off. 

*HSC programs may also rarely have faculty appointed to 10-month positions. In those cases, policies for 9-month faculty also apply to 10-month faculty.