Shared Leave Program


The university allows employees to donate paid leave to eligible employees through the shared leave program. The employee receiving leave must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  1. 12-month faculty or staff 
  2. Benefits-eligible appointment 
  3. Continuous employment with the university for at least 12 months 
  4. Used all paid leave, including but not limited to accrued paid leave, extended sick leave, and compensatory time 
  5. Experiencing a life-threatening or catastrophic health condition that has caused, or is likely to cause, the employee to take leave without pay. 

Requests to receive or to donate leave must be submitted on the required forms below to the campus Shared Leave Committee. The Committee approves the distribution of shared leave.


  • Shared leave is meant to cover only the duration of the life-threatening or catastrophic health condition for which it was approved.
  • Donated paid leave is transferable between employees within each campus with the approval of the Shared Leave Committee.
  • No employee shall be coerced, threatened, intimidated, or financially induced into donating paid leave.
  • Employees receiving shared leave will not accrue paid leave.
  1. Who is eligible to be a recipient in the Shared Leave Program? The employee must be a twelve (12) month faculty or staff employee in a benefits-eligible appointment that accrues paid leave and who has held continuous employment for at least twelve (12) months.
  2. What is the definition of a serious health condition? Serious Health Condition is defined as a serious, extreme, catastrophic, or life-threatening medical condition with a period of incapacity requiring the employee to be medically unable to work for a period of five (5) days or more. The medical condition includes continuing treatment or supervision by a health care provider; or continuing treatment of a chronic or long-term health condition. The employee must be suffering from an extraordinary or severe illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition which has caused, or is likely to cause, the employee to take leave without pay.
  3. How does an employee request shared leave? The employee must complete a shared leave application, provide medical documentation for the serious illness and send the application with documentation to the Shared Leave Committee for review.
  4. How much shared leave may an employee receive? The Shared Leave Committee will determine the amount of donated leave an employee may receive and may only authorize an employee to use up to a maximum of four hundred and eighty (480) hours in a twelve (12) month period. An employee can not exceed two hundred sixty (260) days or two thousand eighty (2,080) hours of donated leave during total university employment.
  5. How can an employee donate leave to another employee? The donating employee must complete a Shared Leave Donation Form and submit the form to the Shared Leave Committee.
  6. How much leave can an employee donate as shared leave? The donating employee may donate any amount of paid leave provided the donation does not cause the paid leave balance of the employee to fall below 50% of their maximum annual accrual amount (see table below). An employee may not donate leave from their extended sick leave account. Donations must be made in full-hour increments.

    Employment Category Years of Service  Maximum Annual Accrual Donation Cannot Reduce Your Remaining Paid Leave Balance Below This Amount
    Executive Officers, Administrative Officers, and 12-Month Faculty Each year  33 days
    (264 hours)
     132 hours
     All Other Staff  1st-5th year
    (0-60 months)
    27 days
    (216 hours)
     108 hours
       6th-10th year
    (61-120 months)
    30 days
    (240 hours)
     120 hours
       11 or more years
    (121+ months)
    33 days
    (264 hours)
     132 hours

  7. Will the unused leave I donate be returned to me if the recipient does not use all their available shared leave? No, any unused donated leave will be placed in the Shared Leave Pool for distribution to qualified applicants.
  8. What happens if I donate leave to a specific employee and the employee is not approved by the Shared Leave Committee to receive shared leave? If you donated leave to an employee and they are not approved to receive shared leave, the hours donated will be maintained in the shared leave pool to be distributed to other qualified employees. One way to avoid this situation is to have the recipient notify you when they are approved to receive shared leave and donate your leave at that time.
  9. Must leave be donated to a specific employee? No, the donating employee may donate leave to the Shared Leave Pool to be distributed to qualified applicants by the Shared Leave Committee.
Shared Leave
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Campus: HSC, Norman, Tulsa
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