Documentation for Benefits Changes

You must provide a copy of the documentation described below when requesting a change to your benefits.

Qualifying Event  Required Documentation
Marriage Marriage Certificate or a redacted joint tax return
Common Law Marriage A redacted joint tax return, mortgage document listing both spouses, proof of a shared bank account, or proof of other shared property
Divorce Cover page of divorce decree
Eligible Dependent Gain/Loss of Coverage Proof of Loss or Gain of Coverage
Natural Child Birth Certificate
Adopted Child Adoption certificate stamped by the circuit clerk
Adjudicated Child Judicial Support Order from a judge or a copy of Qualified Medical Support Order with the page that indicates the member must provide health insurance through the employer.
Child of Common Law Spouse Birth Certificate* indicating your spouse is the child's parent along with one form of proof as indicated above for common law marriage. In addition, if the child is an IRS dependent, a redacted copy of the member's tax return is required indicating the dependent was claimed for income tax purposes.
Legal Guardianship Court documentation signed by a judge and stamped by the circuit clerk
Step Child Birth Certificate* indicating your spouse is the child's parent and marriage certificate indicating you are married to the child's parent
* Birth Certificate – Required only if not already on file with your campus Human Resources office