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The University of Oklahoma Dependent Eligibility Verification

As part of our continuing effort to effectively manage our benefit plans, The University of Oklahoma is verifying the eligibility of all dependents enrolled in the OU medical, dental, vision, and life benefit plans. During this process, employees with a dependent(s) enrolled in coverage will need to provide documentation to verify dependent eligibility. The University of Oklahoma has partnered with UnifyHR, a WEX company that specializes in dependent eligibility verification to help manage this process.
To prepare for the next step, employees should locate government issued vital records such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, and any other documents that may be needed to verify the eligibility of enrolled dependent(s). UnifyHR will mail information to employees at their home address beginning in early April 2024. In addition, any new dependent added to the plan going forward will be subject to the same verification process.

During the verification process, employees with questions should contact UnifyHR for assistance. Employees will be provided instructions for contacting UnifyHR in mid-April 2024 with their verification packets. UnifyHR will be available to all employees via phone or secure email and employees will have access to a secure website during the verification process to review document requirements, submit documents, ask questions, and more.

Prior to the start of the verification process, you may refer to the FAQs to assist with any questions.

OU has partnered with UnifyHR to conduct this dependent audit. If you have dependents enrolled in medical, dental, vision, and/or life benefits, you will receive a packet from UnifyHR. The logo will look like this:

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Eligibility Verification Expected Timeline

  • Early April – Announcement of verification process. 
  • Mid April – UnifyHR mails a request for verification to all employees with a dependent enrolled in the University health plans.
  • Early May – Reminder letter mailed to employees with an unverified dependent.
  • Late May – Initial deadline.
  • Early June – Grace Period Ends.

We know this process may be inconvenient, but all dependents covered under the University of Oklahoma health plans must be verified to remain covered. 

What Is A Dependent Eligibility Audit?

Dependent Eligibility Verification FAQs

1. Why is my dependent(s)' eligibility being verified?

As the plan fiduciary, the University is legally and ethically required to comply with benefit plan rules while acting in the best interest of all employees. This ultimately translates to a compliant, financially sustainable plan at the lowest possible premium amounts. Additionally, most companies who have completed eligibility verification projects have found between 3% - 15% of the dependents covered were not eligible for coverage.

2. How does the verification process work?

Beginning in early March you will receive a verification packet from UnifyHR, a WEX company, at your home address that will include instructions for completing the verification process. You may be asked to provide a copy of your government issued vital records such as a marriage certificate, birth certificates, prior year federal tax return, court-ordered custody agreement, and other types of documents that may be used to verify the eligibility of your dependent(s). When submitting your documents to UnifyHR, please be sure you always submit copies of your documents; you should never submit original documents to UnifyHR and sensitive information such as social security numbers should be blacked out.

3. Who is an eligible dependent? Who is not?

Generally, your legal spouse, including common law, and children under the age of 26 are eligible for coverage. Older children may also be eligible in some cases. If you have any questions, UnifyHR can help you determine if the individuals you are covering under the plan are eligible for coverage.

4. What happens if the documentation I submit is not sufficient?

If the documentation you submit is insufficient, you will be notified by UnifyHR, and you will be given the opportunity to provide additional documentation. You must provide the additional documentation prior to the deadline that will be provided.

5. Can I remove an ineligible dependent from coverage before documentation is requested?

Yes. If you believe you have an ineligible dependent currently enrolled on the plan, you may remove that person from coverage during annual enrollment. You can also remove ineligible dependents during the verification process through UnifyHR.

6. What happens if I have enrolled an ineligible dependent on the plan?

If you remove the ineligible dependent before the deadline, no questions will be asked. Premiums will not be repaid, and repayment of employer contributed premiums or paid claims will not be required. Nor will we seek further disciplinary action. 

If you do not remove an ineligible dependent before the deadline and it is uncovered during this verification process, we reserve the right to seek repayment of premiums and paid claims or take further disciplinary action.

7. How do I get a copy of my dependent’s birth certificate, marriage certificate or other vital records?

Copies of birth certificates and other personal vital records can only be obtained from the state in which they were originally filed. Some resources for obtaining documents:
•    National Center for Health Statistics through the Centers for Disease Control – Information for all states can be found at
•    U.S. Department of State – A Consular Report of Birth can be obtained by writing to the U.S. Department of State for individuals born abroad to U.S. citizen parents. Visit for more information.

8. Is my information safe?

UnifyHR understands the importance of protecting your sensitive information. In addition to asking that all sensitive information such as social security numbers, account numbers, and monetary values be blacked out on documents submitted the environment in which your data is housed is encrypted and all server logs, firewall logs, and database performance are monitored on a regular and recurring basis. Finally, the UnifyHR applications are audited by a third party on an annual basis to ensure controls are adequate in safeguarding your data.

9. What happens if I don’t respond?

All employees who cover dependents under the benefits plan are required to respond. If you do not provide documentation that verifies the eligibility of your dependent(s), their coverage will be canceled.

10. Is this process confidential? What happens to my documents when the process is complete?

All employee documentation submitted during this process, both hard and soft copy, will remain protected throughout the process and destroyed within 90 days after completion of the verification process.

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