Health ID Numbers

Keeping Your Identity Safe by Removing the SSN 

Keeping your personal identity safe is a top priority at the university, and to that end, Human Resources has negotiated with our insurance providers, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental, and Optum Financial (formerly ConnectYourCare), to remove your social security numbers from all insurance communications and replace it with a university related ID number called your Health ID. 

This means that for all medical and dental transactions (at the doctor's office and speaking with the insurance providers), you will use your Health ID number instead of your social security number. This number will need to be used by your spouse or other designated person if they are authorized to speak with your insurance providers. 

Health ID's are available for active employees and their dependents. Retirees should use the number on their insurance ID cards or their Social Security number.

Health IDs

  • Your Health ID looks like this: 990-xxx-xxx (990 + 6-digit HR EmplID). 
  • Your HR EmplID can be found on your earnings statement or on your ID card if you work at HSC. 
  • Your Health ID appears on your Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental and BCBS insurance ID cards. The Health ID number of the primary participant (the OU employee) identifies the primary participant and all of his or her dependents. Only one Health ID is needed for a family group. 
  • Some doctor's offices may still ask for your or your dependent's social security numbers. If this happens, you can give them this Health ID number instead.