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Learn & Earn Student Jobs

Now Accepting Department Applications for New Student Positions for the 2019/2020 School Year!

The Learn & Earn Student Jobs Program is a unique opportunity for departments to design student positions and offer real world job experience that aligns with a student's professional goals. A department supervisor that hires a Learn & Earn student gets the chance to develop the student by practicing mentor and coaching skills. Learn & Earn positions give both the student and staff the opportunity to grow professionally while contributing to the department’s success.

These jobs will be listed publicly on the jobs.ou.edu website, and students who have completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for this school year and at least 30 credit hours of coursework will be eligible to apply. A portion of the student’s wages will be paid from a central fund

Questions? Contact Michael Blevins at mkblevins@ou.edu or email HR here.

Learn & Earn Details

Learn & Earn Jobs - Requirements

Learn & Earn Jobs must meet the following skills-focused criteria designed to help prepare the student for employment after graduation:

  • Provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.
  • Closely connects with an academic area, field of study, or career path.
  • Makes a meaningful contribution to the department.
  • Offers opportunities to learn skills that are transferable to the workforce after graduation and will help students work effectively with others, including technical, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Includes paid on-the-job training and at least 4-10 hours of paid professional development each semester, including a résumé review with Career Services and other workshops available at no cost from Human Resources and Career Services.

Departments are encouraged to consider designing a Learn & Earn Job to take on paraprofessional responsibilities that might be considered part of a full-time staff position, especially if filling staff positions is limited because of budget considerations.

Department Requirements

Departments and supervisors participating in this program commit to:

  • Paying at least $5/hour of the student’s $10/hour wages. These positions must pay at least $10/hour. While the Learn & Earn program will pay $5/hour of the student's wage, departments may pay their student employee a higher wage by submitting the appropriate percentages on the Earnings Distribution Request when the new student position is created.
  • Ensuring that the student goes to Career Services for a résumé review and participates in other professional development.
  • Making this work experience meaningful for the student and the department.
  • Assigning a staff person to guide and mentor the student. 
  • Providing feedback about the program to HR upon request.   

When a department hires one of these students, a portion of their wages will be paid from a central fund. These jobs must pay the student at least $10/hour for approximately 20 hours/week. If the position is approved for the program, central funding is available for $5/hour for the academic year. If the student wants to continue working in the summer, contact HR.

Design a Learn & Earn Job

If you're interested in offering a Learn & Earn Student Job, it's easy to get started. 

  1. Submit an interest form to HR.
  2. A member of Human Resources will contact you to assist with creating a position to fit the Learn & Earn Program. 
  3. Complete an Earning Distribution Form.
  4. Human Resources will begin to search the pool of eligible students for candidates that meet your department’s needs. You will be sent candidate resumes (around 3) to review.
  5. If HR cannot identify qualified candidates from the pool, we may post a unique requisition for the Learn & Earn position.
  6. You can interview and select a Learn & Earn student from the candidates we send you. HR will complete the hire in Taleo and you will initiate an ePAF.
  7. The supervisor should follow the checklist provided by HR to onboard the new student worker.

Ready to Get Started?

Common Questions

Which students are eligible for Learn & Earn jobs?

Students become eligible to apply to Learn & Earn positions when they meet the following three criteria:

  • Completed at least 30 credit hours of coursework
  • Making Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the current school year.

HR will review applicants to ensure they meet the above conditions before their applications are forwarded to the hiring departments.

Can I move an existing position to the Learn & Earn Program?

No, this program is intended to encourage the creation of 50 NEW student jobs.

I know the student I want. Can I just hire them directly?

No, like other student jobs, candidates must compete for these positions through the normal job application process. HR will pass you only applications for students who are eligible for the Learn & Earn Program.

Is this program for Norman campus?

Yes, this program is available in Norman only. 

How long is a Learn & Earn position?

We encourage a department to design a Learn & Earn position that lasts at least the full academic year so that both the department and student get the most benefit from the time and training invested in the work relationship. 

The Learn & Earn program will pay 50% of the students wages for the academic year. If a department wants to continue the position in the summer, please contact HR.  

What are employers looking for in graduates?

Technical skills & Office Street Smarts.

Success in the workplace after graduation is about more than having field-specific technical skills, crafting budgets, or developing slide presentations. It is also, to a large extent, about effectively working with others. Employers are looking for graduates with "Office Street Smarts," the ability to get along with a variety of office personalities and stakeholders. Office Street Smarts include being able to make a persuasive argument, write to cause action or make a request, communicate with supervisors and customers, collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds, and work effectively on teams.

In a Learn & Earn Job, students will develop both technical skills and Office Street Smarts that are transferable to jobs after graduation.