Job Titles & Descriptions

Job titles and descriptions are different depending on whether a Norman program or an HSC program pays the position. 

What is Broadbanding?

Broadbanding is the grouping of jobs with similar duties, responsibilities, and levels of accountability. Broadbands widen salary ranges in order to facilitate organizational flexibility, encourage individual career development, and market competitiveness. The use of broadbanding also reduces the number of job classifications.

Broadband classifications are generic in scope and describe the typical duties performed as well as the knowledge and skills essential to the classification. The site-specific duties that belong to each of the jobs included within that classification are documented on the Position Description Questionnaire form.

Broadband job titles are very general in nature and are designed to identify and define the job family. They also provide a consistent and common standard by which these families can be utilized across departments and offices within the University. A department may certainly utilize more descriptive internal working titles on business cards and correspondence. For example, in the broadband classification of IT Analyst I, an employee may use the working title of Web Developer.

Hourly and monthly pay bands have been developed to allow flexibility in setting salaries competitive with others in similar job classifications drawn from the relevant labor market from which we recruit. OU Human Resources is committed to support the University of Oklahoma’s ability to attract and retain a highly qualified and diverse staff.

HSC Programs

Contact HR Employment & Compensation at HSC or in Tulsa for up-to-date job description and title information.