Personnel Review Cycle for Staff- FAQs

1. A department submits a position change during the Personnel Review Cycle and it is approved by HR. Can the hiring manager decide later not to submit the ePAF to effectuate the position change?

Yes, a hiring manager can decide not to pursue the change at a later date.

2. My salary is paid from a grant- am I included in this Personnel Review Cycle? 


3. What type of employee personnel requests are part of the Personnel Review Cycle? 

Personnel requests for all benefits-eligible staff employees on all campuses (excludes students, PEAK, and temporary employees).

4. I’m a faculty member, does this Personnel Review Cycle affect me? 

The HR Staff Personnel Review Cycle information pertains to staff positions only.  For information regarding Faculty personnel changes, consult with your College’s faculty administrator or the appropriate Provost’s Office academic/faculty administrator. 

5. Why is OU establishing this review cycle? 

Establishing a consistent process allows the university and departments to strategically plan staffing needs with the annual budget cycle. The goal of this exercise is to anticipate funding and personnel changes for the year. 

6. My department's circumstances changed after the spreadsheet was submitted. What do we do?

If you have circumstances that change after the planning period, prior approval can be obtained from President Harroz, your Senior Vice President (Sr. VP and Provost Wright, Sr. VP and Provost Raskob, or Sr. VP and CFO Brockwell), or their designee. If you would like to discuss the change in your department's situation before requesting approval, contact HR Compensation at

Examples of circumstances that your department may experience include:

  • Any omission or edit on the spreadsheet after it's been submitted.
  • Changes in your department's responsibilities after spreadsheet submission.
  • Grant or contract changes after spreadsheet submission.
  • Any increases in departmental position funding levels after spreadsheet submission.

7. Will all personnel actions impacting a department's budget be processed on an annual cycle?  

No. Requests will continue to be submitted throughout the year to refill vacancies for a comparable position, for counteroffers where the employee has provided a written competing offer, or for issues identified and approved by Human Resources related to equity, market competitiveness, or reorganizations.

8. I still have questions- who can I contact? 

For questions about this new Personnel Review Cycle, you may contact the HR Compensation team at For budget-related questions, contact the Norman budget office at or (405) 325-5511, or the HSC budget office at (405) 271-2404.

9. Should departments include annual performance evaluation paperwork with their spreadsheets?

No. Performance evaluations do not need to be included as supporting documentation.

10. An employee obtains a certification or a license outside of the annual Personnel Review Cycle.  Does an increase or reclassification have to wait until July 1st in this case?

No, this type of request may be submitted for review on an exception basis and will not require President or Sr. Vice President approval.

11. Does the planning worksheet take the place of the preauthorization process?  

After submissions have been approved, a preauthorization is still required for the transactions.  Processing will not require further review unless adjustments have been made to the original requests.

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