Position Reclassification Proposals

If the duties or responsibilities of an existing position change significantly; a position review can be requested. Requests to review the classification of positions may be initiated by individual employees, department heads, other appropriate administrative officials, or Human Resources. A reclassification may be indicated if it appears the scope and responsibilities better align with another title. The process for position reclassification is dependent on whether a Norman program or HSC program pays for the position and may require the submission of a new freeze form and related approvals.

Norman Programs

If a pay increase is proposed, then an approved freeze form is required. 

Hiring Freeze Exemption
These documents describe the hiring freeze exemption process.
Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa
Campus: OUHSC, Tulsa
Campus: Norman

Submit a Position Action in PeopleSoft. Include a description of all new duties and reasons for this reclassification proposal in an attachment. Describing the division of duties is critical.

This step includes routing through the PeopleSoft system to acquire the required Dean/Director and VP/Provost approvals.

Once the position action is approved at the Dean/Director and VP/Provost levels, the proposal will be forwarded and evaluated by HR Employment & Compensation. 

If there are differences between the proposed position reclassification and the typical use of the title, HR will contact the supervisor of the position to discuss discrepancies and get more information. HR will approve or decline the proposal and the department will be notified.

If the position reclassification proposal is approved, then the new title is pulled into the incumbent’s job record by ePAF. 

The OU Board of Regents must approve all reclassifications that result in a salary over $60,000 per year. The ePAF may be suspended until the action can be added to the agenda at an upcoming Regents meeting. 

HSC Programs

Contact HR Employment & Compensation at HSC or in Tulsa for information about position reclassification proposals.