Screening Applications

"Selecting qualified employees is like putting money in the bank." - John Boudreau

Only candidates who meet the minimum qualifications, meaning they possess the required education and experience for the position, should be selected for an interview. If the department has selected to screen their own candidates, steps and resources on how to screen candidates can be found here.

If the department would like for Talent Acquisition to screen their candidates, Human Resources will refer only qualified candidates to the departments.

Most managers will also screen candidates to determine which ones will be offered an interview. Use the steps below to guide your screening process.

  1. Develop screening criteria. Before reviewing applications and resumes, develop a list of criteria against which all candidates will be evaluated.
  2. Review resumes and applications. Carefully review each candidate's experience and knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) against your criteria.
  3. Respond to Candidates.
    1. Consider sending a thank you letter to those candidates who you choose not to interview. Change their status in the Taleo system to indicate that they are no longer being considered.
    2. Call your prospective candidates. You may wish to conduct a phone screening to determine salary requirements, level of interest in the position, and/or other qualifications.
    3. Schedule the selected candidates for an interview. If the candidate is coming for an in-person interview, tell them where to park, let them know what the interview process entails, and approximately how much time they should plan to spend.

            Should further assistance be needed, reach out to the Talent Acquisition team at

4. Prepare for the interview.

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