Retention of HR Records

As required by law, departments must retain human resources records for specific lengths of time depending on the kind of record and the method of retention (electronically in an imaging system or on paper in a filing system). The guidelines below are interpreted from the State Library Retention Requirements. If you have questions about retaining any of the documents below, contact the Payroll office for your local campus. If you have questions about the retention of other documents, use the links under "Consider This" below. While HR provides guidance about records retention, individual departments are responsible for meeting all retention requirements.

Timesheets & Pay Records

All departments are required to retain employee timesheets and employee leave requests for three years. Records may be destroyed at that time if these three conditions are met:
  1. all audits have been completed and all applicable audit reports have been accepted and resolved;
  2. no legal actions are pending. If legal action is pending, destroy 2 years after exhaustion of all legal remedies; and
  3. an Agency Notice of Intent to Destroy Records has been submitted to and approved by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.