Reporting Time for Campus Closings

Benefits eligible employees, except those assigned to certain federal grants and contracts, who recently missed scheduled work time because of the university's closure, should use "Administrative Leave" with pay when reporting these absences. The use of administrative leave and paid time off may vary for employees working in areas requiring continuous operations or providing patient care. OU's campuses were closed as described below.

Employees who are not benefits eligible – student employees, temporary employees, and part-time employees appointed at less than .50FTE – are paid only for time worked and are not eligible for administrative leave. Staff assigned to certain grants and contracts, such as the Postal contract, are not eligible for "Administrative Leave".

If an employee had unscheduled or scheduled time off during the closure, the time should not be changed to "Administrative Leave". An employee on paid leave during a campus closure, should continue to report their absence as "Paid Leave."

Norman Campus

No recent closings.

OKC Campus

No recent closings.

Tulsa Campus

No recent closings.