In-State Remote Work Guidelines

Effective 3/1/22

To assist in employee attraction and retention, the university updated its Remote Work process, including new documentation, forms, and guidelines. Please note that the In-State Remote Work plan is for in-state staff employees only. While this plan can be beneficial to staff, it is important to prioritize our mission of providing a great on-campus experience for our students.

Three Work Scenarios

Effective March 1, 2022, the university offers three types of in-state work scenarios: fully on-site, hybrid remote, or fully remote. Please note that supervisors will be responsible for ensuring appropriate staffing levels are maintained on campus for their area.

By their nature (e.g., public or student-facing), some positions must be fully on-site. However, some positions may be eligible for hybrid or fully remote work schedules. The hybrid schedule allows the employee to work off-site 1-3 days per week, with the remainder of the employee’s time spent working at an approved alternate location. Hybrid remote agreements will require supervisor and dean/director-level approvals. A fully remote work situation allows the employee to work off-site 5 days per week. It should be noted that fully remote situations should be rare and will further require vice president-level approval.

Remote Work Process Steps and Guidelines

If interested, employees are encouraged to thoughtfully consider if remote working might suit their position and personal situation. If so, employees should have an initial conversation with their supervisor to determine feasibility prior to completing the Remote Work Self-Assessment. If supervisors agree, employees may initiate the remote work process. 

The steps in this process are:

  1. Remote Work Guidelines – The guidelines should be carefully reviewed by employees considering       
        remote work, as well as supervisors. 
  2. Employee Discussion with Supervisor – Employees should have an initial conversation with their supervisor
        to determine feasibility prior to completing the Remote Work Self-Assessment. If supervisors agree, employees
        may initiate the Remote Work process.
  3. Remote Work Self-Assessment – Employees should use this form to determine if their position is appropriate
        for remote work.
  4. Remote Work Agreement – Employees should complete this form with the consent and cooperation of their
        supervisor. This form should be reviewed once a year.
  5. Equipment Usage Form – Employees should complete and submit this form to their supervisor with the remote
        work agreement. 
  6. Remote Work Attestation – Upon receiving all requisite approvals, employees must complete a Remote Work
        Attestation, found in Employee Self-Service. All remote work documents will be maintained by the department, the
        employee, and their supervisor.

The In-State Remote Work Guidelines, documents, and forms are available in the box on the right.

Additional Information About Remote Work

Supervisors are encouraged to keep students’ on-campus experience top-of-mind when considering remote work for employees. Also, please remember that while Human Resources is available for guidance, the remote work process is managed at a department level. The only documentation required by Human Resources is the electronic Remote Work Attestation, completed by the employee once all approvals are attained. Supervisors should review the remote work agreement with the employee annually.

Please note that Situational Remote Work (related to exceptional employee/department circumstances) that is generally temporary, short-term, and non-recurring in nature may be approved at the discretion of departmental leadership without a pre-established Remote Work Agreement for In-State Staff (“Agreement”). 

Human Resources has also created a Termination of Remote Work form, to be used in the event of ending remote work. 

This Remote Work process is available to in-state employees only. Employees requesting to work outside the state of Oklahoma must have an approved out-of-state form on file before engaging in the remote work process.

It is also important to note that New Hire paperwork and processes will remain the same.