Preparation by OU Human Resources

Human Resources has been preparing for this change since last fall when the potential updates became clearer. Human Resources has met with potentially heavily-impacted departments to discuss options and provide guidance for making decisions about whether an affected employee should be converted to non-exempt or maintain their exempt status. Additionally, Human Resources: 

  • Conducted an impact analysis of which jobs will be affected and associated costs. 
  • Determined how to account for both hourly and salaried versions of the same job title in the PeopleSoft system and planned the process for transitioning between them.
  • Is developing guidance to assist departments in controlling overtime costs.
  • Has begun providing change management tools and resources for supervisors and employees, including job aids, webinars, one-on-one assistance, and guidance about managing possible effects on morale and productivity.
  • Will be reaching out directly to department managers with affected employees.
  • Is scheduling several budgeting workshops between now and October 1 for affected employees in Norman to help them manage the transition from the monthly to biweekly pay schedule.