Retiree Dental Insurance


If you are eligible for OU retirement, you can participate in OU's retiree dental plan. OU Retirement includes paid dental insurance coverage for the retiree only in the Delta Dental Basic Plan. Coverage can be upgraded to the Premium plan and dependents can be covered at the retiree's cost.

Dental Insurance Plans

When you retire, your employee dental insurance coverage will be terminated. You will then be enrolled in OU's retiree dental insurance and new insurance cards will be mailed to your home.

Your retiree dental insurance is the same coverage you had as an active employee. Review information about OU's dental insurance here.

Dependents - Spouse & Children

You may continue to cover any eligible dependents you are covering at the time of your retirement. You will be required to pay insurance premiums for dependents by personal check to PayFlex, the university's administrator for retiree dental insurance. Review the rate sheet.

Making Changes

During the annual benefits enrollment period each fall you are allowed to make certain changes to your coverage. Details will be mailed to you during the enrollment period.

You may add dependents to your coverage only if a Qualifying Life Event such as marriage or the birth of a child has occurred. PayFlex administers the retiree dental insurance plan for OU. Contact PayFlex with questions about Qualifying Events at (800) 359-3921.

Consider This

Update Your Information: In order to have continuous coverage in our plans, always notify Human Resources of a change of address. Please make a friend or relative aware of the fact we must be notified of any changes as we mail time-sensitive insurance materials to our retirees annually advising them of significant changes in coverage or a change of insurance companies. It is crucial we have current information to prevent a lapse in coverage.