Retiree Medical Insurance

Eligibility: If you are eligible for OU retirement and have been enrolled in the university's medical insurance for five years immediately before retirement, you can participate in OU's retiree medical insurance plan.

Rates: You can review the retiree medical insurance rates here.

Dependents - Spouse & Children

You may continue to cover any eligible dependents you are covering at the time of your retirement.You will be required to pay insurance premiums for dependents by personal check to PayFlex, the university's administrator for retiree medical insurance. The rates for eligible dependents of retirees are higher than the rates charged for employees' dependents. Please refer to the rate chart in the sidebar.

Medical Insurance Plans

When you retire, your employee medical insurance coverage will be terminated and you will receive a Certificate of Credible Coverage from BlueCross BlueShield. Retain this certificate for your records. You will then be enrolled in OU's retiree medical insurance and new insurance cards will be mailed to your home. Review the BlueCross Plan Guide in the sidebar.

  • Retirees Under Age 65
    • If you are under age 65, your medical insurance plan and coverage will remain the same as it was when you were an active employee.
  • Retirees Age 65 and Older
    • If you are age 65 or older and Medicare eligible, you will be enrolled in the BlueCross BlueShield Traditional Indemnity Plan. You must also enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B, by completing the forms provided by Medicare to receive the maximum medical insurance benefit offered through the university. You do not need to enroll in Medicare Part D.
    • For Medicare-eligible retirees, Medicare will serve as your primary coverage. The university's medical insurance will serve as a supplement, paying any eligible expenses not covered by Medicare. In order to ensure a smooth transition from employee medical insurance to Medicare retiree health coverage, it is crucial that Human Resources receives your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B numbers to enroll you in the OU provided Medicare retiree prescription drug coverage. Click here for more information about the OU Medicare prescription drug coverage.

Medical Insurance Rates & Subsidy

  • Find retiree medical insurance rates here. 
  • The university will 100% subsidize medical insurance premiums for employees and retirees that were eligible for retirement before 1/1/2016.
  • The university will subsidize medical premiums for employees who were hired before 1/1/2008 and who become eligible for retirement on or after 1/1/2016 at the percentages shown in the table below. The subsidy percentage paid by OU is locked in by the employee's years of service at retirement and their age when participation begins. 
Age Medical Insurance Premium Subsidy for Employees Eligible on or after 1/1/2016
Years of Service
10-14 15-19 20-24 25+
Under 55 Employees can retire with 25 years of service. No university subsidy until age 55.
55-61 No subsidy

Must meet Rule of 80

Must meet Rule of 80
62-64 55% 65% 75% 85%
65+ 65% 75% 85% 100%

NOTE: Employees hired or rehired on or after January 1, 2008, may continue to participate in the medical and dental plans at group rates upon retirement at their own cost by paying the full premium without university subsidy. This plan provision was adopted in 2007 in the OU Board of Regents Policy Section 3.3, III.H.

Opt-Out/Opt-In to Retiree Medical Insurance

A one-time opt-out/opt-in feature was added to the retiree medical plan beginning Jan. 1, 2013. If retirees have other medical insurance coverage through another employer or their spouse, they may now consider a one-time opportunity to opt-out of OU retiree medical plan coverage and preserve future eligibility. The premium subsidy will be locked in at the retiree's rate at the time of opt-out. Retirees may exercise their one-time opt-out option at any point if they have other coverage. This option may only be used once and current retirees must be enrolled in the plan as of Dec. 31, 2012 to be eligible. Proof of other coverage must be submitted when the retiree opts out.

Retirees who have opted out and wish to return to the OU health plan, have 31 days from the loss of other creditable coverage to come back on the OU retiree health plan. To reinstate coverage, a retiree must show proof of continuous coverage for the 24 month period preceding their return to OU medical coverage to PayFlex or the current vendor. Contact Human Resources for more information. Use the form in the sidebar to initiate your opt-out feature.

Making Changes

During the annual benefits enrollment period each fall you are allowed to make certain changes to your coverage. Details will be mailed to you during the enrollment period.

You may add dependents to your coverage only if a Qualifying Life Event such as marriage or the birth of a child has occurred. PayFlex administers the retiree medical insurance plan for OU. Contact PayFlex with questions about Qualifying Events at (800) 359-3921.

Consider This

Update Your Information: In order to have continuous coverage in our plans, always notify Human Resources of a change of address. Please make a friend or relative aware of the fact we must be notified of any changes as we mail time-sensitive insurance materials to our retirees annually advising them of significant changes in coverage or a change of insurance companies. It is crucial we have current information to prevent a lapse in coverage.


Retiree Medical Insurance
These documents describe OU medical insurance available to retirees.
Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa
Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa
Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa
Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa
Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa