Help During the Coverage Period

Seeking Medical Care

  • Where do I go when I am sick?
    • Visit Goddard Health Center, the Student Health Center on the Norman Campus, First - Schedule a visit and you and a medical provider will determine what your best course of action is for each illness or condition. If you have previously discussed the referral with one of our providers during a recent appointment, you can request a referral by messaging your provider through HealthConnection.
    • Goddard Health Center is located at 620 Elm Ave., Norman, OK. The appointment line phone number is (405) 325‐4441. The main line phone number is (405) 325‐4611.
    • Get a Referral ‐ If Goddard Health Center cannot provide the services you need, they will refer you to a preferred provider. You must get a referral from Goddard before you visit any other provider unless you are out of town, you seek care while Goddard is closed, or your illness or injury requires you seek care at a hospital emergency room.
      • IMPORTANT: If you visit a provider outside of Goddard Health Center, your cost will be higher and may be subject to your deductible. For more information, see the plan brochure on the Academic Health Plans website.
  • Where do I go for medical care if I am out of the Norman Metro Area?
    • Visit a Preferred Provider. Find an in‐network provider by clicking on "Find a Doctor or Hospital" in the right column of the Academic Health Plans website.
    • Get a Post‐Treatment Referral – You must contact Goddard through HealthConnection to get a post‐treatment referral within two (2) days after your visit to another provider.  Benefits will be reduced if you fail to request a post‐ treatment referral Goddard within 48 hours.  A post‐treatment referral is not needed for any obstetrical, gynecological, or pediatric care.
  • Where do I go for medical care if Goddard Health Center is closed OR if a sickness or injury requires a visit to the Hospital Emergency Room?
    • Go to Urgent Care – Find an in‐network urgent care facility when Goddard is closed by clicking on "Find a Doctor or Hospital" in the right column of the Academic Health Plans website. Urgent care is for treatment of a medical condition needing immediate attention. According to the Urgent Care  Association of America, urgent care services often serve as a direct link between the public and emergency room services. Examples could include: care for flu, lacerations, stitches, animal bites, and so forth.
    • Go to the Emergency Room – You should only visit a hospital emergency room when the illness or injury could cause serious jeopardy to your health if not immediately treated.
    • Get a Post Treatment Referral – You must complete a post‐treatment referral form on HealthConnection within 48 hours after your visit to another provider. Benefits will be reduced if you fail to receive a post‐treatment referral within 48 hours. Once you login to HealthConnection, please look for the Forms tab and complete the post‐treatment referral form.
      • If you have questions about referrals, please call (405) 325‐4611. Be prepared to leave a message with your name, date of birth, Student ID number, and the questions you have.
      • IMPORTANT: If you do not submit a post-treatment referral form on HealthConnection within 48 hours of your visit with another provider, your insurance benefits will be greatly reduced. Your cost will be higher and may be subject to your deductible. 
  • Can I still use Goddard during the summer if I am not taking classes?
    • If you were a student during the spring semester, then you are allowed access to Goddard during the summer. On your first visit of the summer, you will be charged the Student Health Fee that is normally part of regular tuition and fees. 

Making Changes to Insurance

  1. How can I update my address with the insurance company? Simply send an email to the Student Health Plan Office at with the complete address, your full name, and student ID.
  2. I just had a baby. How do I add them to my insurance? You must complete a Change Form and return to the Student Health Plan Office, NEL 205, with proof of the date of birth. This must be received within 31 days of the birth. The coverage will be made effective on their date of birth. Semester premiums are not pro-rated. You will owe the additional premium for the entire coverage period in which they are added.
  3. Can I add dependents to my coverage at any time? You may add eligible dependents to your coverage during any open enrollment period. Otherwise you must experience a qualifying event to make any changes. See #4 below for details. Eligible dependents are your legally married spouse and your children under age 26. Children are defined as children by birth, adoption, or legal guardianship.
  4. How can I make changes outside of the open enrollment periods? You may only make changes if you have a qualifying event – a birth, an adoption, a death, a marriage, a divorce, a loss of other insurance coverage, change of status or international student or dependent's arrival in, or permanent departure from, the United States.
    Notice of a qualifying event must be submitted within 31 days of the qualifying event. You must complete a Change Form and return it to the Student Health Plan Office, NEL 205. Supporting documentation of the event must also be submitted. See the Change Form for details. Effective date of the change, will be the date all documents are received by the Student Health Plan Office, or the date of the qualifying event, whichever is later. The only exception is newborn babies and newly adopted children, the effective date will be the date of birth or date of adoption. Premiums will still be due for the entire semester whether adding or dropping coverage.

Billing & Claims

  1. Who should I contact with questions about a bill I received for a hospital visit or doctor's visit? You can view the status of insurance claims through "Blue Access for Members" on the Academic Health Plans website. All questions about claims and payments to providers should be directed to BlueCross BlueShield at the contact information below.
  2. Where can I get documentation of my insurance coverage dates? I need this for my new insurance. If the verification is needed for the current academic year, you may get documentation in "My Coverage" in Blue Access for Members from the Academic Health Plans website. You may also contact Academic Health Plans to request documentation at or (888) 924-7758. You will need to provide your full name and student ID number.
  3. My spouse is covered on my plan as well, but did not get an insurance card. What should we do?
    Dependents do not receive their own insurance cards. You may print additional cards or request them to be mailed from "Blue Access for Members" on the Academic Health Plans website. The card will have the student's name and ID number on it.

Additional Insurance Programs

  1. Is there dental coverage available for students? At this time, there is no dental coverage available through the University for students.  Dependents of Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants who are under 19 years of age are provided pediatric dental insurance through OU's Student Health Plan.
  2. Does the Student Health Plan cover dental expenses? No.
  3. Is vision covered under my insurance? No, vision is not covered under the Student Health Plan.  There is not currently a vision plan available to students.



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