On-Campus Flu Prevention

Each fall and winter, benefits eligible employees can take their BlueCross BlueShield insurance card and OU employee photo ID card to one of the on-campus flu clinics to receive their annual flu vaccine. 

Family: Employees may bring family members (ages 3+) to the clinic for flu prevention. Family members who are covered on an OU BlueCross insurance plan will receive their flu vaccine at no cost. Family members not covered on OU BlueCross medical insurance can get a flu shot for $25.  

Questions? Contact HealthySooners.

On-Campus Flu Prevention Clinic Schedule

Off-Campus Flu Prevention

BlueCross BlueShield will waive the $25 office visit co-pay when you get a flu shot from your doctor. Please note that normal office co-pays will apply if any other services or procedures are provided when you get the flu shot.