Dental Insurance with BlueCare Dental

OU offers you a choice of two plans depending on the level of coverage you and your family may need: the Blue Cross Blue Shield Basic Plan and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Alternate Plan. Both plans cover preventive, basic and major services, but they differ in how they pay for covered services.

Dental Highlights and Network

Finding an In-Network Dentist is Easy

For a list of in-network general and specialty dentists, go to and use the Provider Finder® tool by clicking on “Find a Doctor or Hospital” and then on “Find a Dentist” on the left side of the page. Select your plan’s BlueCare Dental PPO network (Traditional National PPO). You can search for a dentist near your home, school, or office.  

BlueCare Dental Connection

As an enhanced service, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) offers BlueCare Dental Connection. This service provides educational information and other resources to help you make choices about your dental care – at no extra cost.

To help you learn about good oral health, BlueCare Dental Connection offers:

• Educational mailings.
• 24-hour online access to the Dental Wellness Center, which offers educational articles and special tools.

The Dental Wellness Center allows you to:

• Ask dental-related questions through Ask a Dentist.
• Find an in-network dentist using Provider Finder.
• Research dental fees in your area with the Dental Cost Advisor.
• Search the Dental Dictionary of common clinical terms.
• View animations on different dental topics in the Treatment and Procedure tool.

Provider Networks

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Dental's benefits in the Basic and Alternate plans are available for both in-network and out-of-network dental providers. Both plans use the BCBS BlueCare Dental PPO network and the BCBS BlueCare Dental Premier network, which are described here.

In-Network Providers

This network includes general and specialty dentists in Oklahoma as well as across the country. As a BlueCare Dental PPO plan member, you can go to any dentist. However, you’ll save money and get more from your benefits when you use an in-network dentist. These in-network dentists have agreed to accept set fees for covered services and not bill you for costs over the negotiated fees (except copayments, coinsurance and deductibles). If you choose an out-of-network dentist, he or she may have higher fees and charge you for amounts not covered by your insurance. To get the most from your benefits, choose an in-network dentist.

Out-of-Network Providers

These BCBS BlueCare Dental plans will provide benefits even if you visit a dental provider outside the BCBS BlueCare Dental networks. However, the covered benefit will be less and non-participating providers will usually balance-bill you. This means they will often charge you the difference between what BCBS BlueCare Dental pays them and what they normally might charge.