Compensation & Classification

Information about the university’s Compensation & Classification Study

In August 2019, the university retained a consulting firm, Mercer USA, to conduct a position title and market pricing analysis to determine market competitiveness of staff compensation across all three OU campuses.

With the market analysis now complete, the Human Resources compensation team is working on the next phase of the project, which involves the implementation of the Mercer recommendations.

Since the Human Resources Compensation team obtained the information about the study, the team has been working to inform deans, directors, and department heads about the results of the study and what they mean to all staff employees. 

What this study means to the OU community

One of the goals of this study is to align the Norman and HSC program employees with respect to position titles across all three campuses and in the job market. This study affects each campus a little differently; HSC program employees completed a similar study a few years ago and Norman program employees have not undergone this process in many years. This means the outcome for each campus varies. On the HSC campus, titles may have changed for some positions.

Norman Programs Employees Changes

For Norman programs employees, broadband titles will no longer be used. To prepare for the Mercer study, the HR Compensation team worked with department heads to gather information about each position on campus. This information helped Mercer and the OU HR Compensation team collaborate to ensure positions were classified properly during the early stages of the process.

Once the Norman campus study was completed, the HR Compensation team again met with deans, vice presidents, and department heads to convey the results to leadership. Department heads and college deans have been provided information regarding the new changes and given an opportunity to discuss the recommendations in detail. Human Resources encourages department leadership to discuss title changes with staff.

The Health Sciences Center has completed this job code change implementation. 

The compensation team has reached out to review the changes with each area. Supervisors will be meeting with employees to communicate if any changes will be made to your title. We expect all title changes to be implemented by April 1, 2022.

We realize you may have questions about these changes. Click here to read the FAQs about this process

Creating a New Position - Norman & HSC

The processes for creating new positions are different depending on whether a Norman program or HSC program pays the position. 

Norman Programs

Position Management is currently a feature for positions in Norman programs only. Any new position paid through the Norman payroll system must have an assigned position number. All new positions must be approved and classified before a position number can be assigned by HR.

The following tools will assist with position management.

HSC Programs

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