Red background with PEAK logo. Text says: Peak Temporary Staffing Services

Hire a PEAK Employee

PEAK Temporary Staffing is managed by OU Human Resources and offers qualified temporary employees to the OU Norman Campus, the HSC Campus and the OU-Tulsa Campus. HR maintains a pool of qualified workers with a wide variety of skills to send out on assignments across all 3 campuses.

To request a PEAK temporary employee, call the PEAK Office at (405) 325-1826 or email and provide the following information:

  1. Required skills/job description and duties
  2. Work location and address
  3. Supervisor's name and phone number
  4. Start date and approximate end date
  5. Work schedule (hours, days, with 2-hour minimum)
  6. Click here for instructions on requesting a Combo Code to hire a PEAK employee.
Typical PEAK assignments can include the positions below:

Image of PEAK job types. Text says: clerical, general laborer, medical staff, paraprofessional, departmental specialist


PEAK Office

OU Human Resources 
905 Asp, Rm 205
Norman, OK 

(405) 325-1826