Onboarding New & Rehired Employees

New Employee Forms

When hiring or rehiring an employee, be sure to have the employee complete a new employee packet when they accept the position. To comply with federal law, Section 1 of the I-9 form must be completed no later than the first day work, and section 2 of the form must be completed no later than the third day of work. A paycheck cannot be issued until the I-9 form and Loyalty Oath are completed.

  • HSC: new employee forms should be returned to the payroll coordinator in the new employee's department
  • Norman: new employee forms should be submitted to Human Resources, NEL 224
  • Tulsa: new employee forms should be submitted to Human Resources

NOTE: Payroll deadlines for PAFs must be met so that your new employee will receive their paychecks on time. Review deadlines for Norman programs here and contact Payroll for HSC deadlines.

  • Loyalty Oath: Any employee who has had a break in service for as much as one day, will have their Loyalty Oath removed from the payroll system. If the employee returns to OU after a one day break in service, they will be required to complete a new Loyalty Oath before they will be paid. Loyalty Oaths are in the New Employee form packet and must be signed in the presence of a notary. A notary is available in HR for this purpose if needed. 
  • Social Security Card: All new employees should present an original Social Security Card to HR Payroll and Employee Services at the time of hire. Please make sure all new hires have an original card. If they do not have their original card, they should apply for a replacement card from the Social Security Administration. There is no charge for replacement cards.
    A Social Security Card is not required to put someone on the payroll but is needed to ensure that we are reporting wages under the correct name and number. NOTE: Only a person's official social security card is acceptable for tax identification purposes. A social security card is invalid if it has been laminated. Metal or plastic reproductions of social security cards are not acceptable. 


To help the employee get paid on time, process PAFs as soon as possible so the forms can have time to route for appropriate signatures. Check the online PAF system to see the progress of your PAF and where the PAF is in the approval process.