PEAK Temporary Staffing Services

PEAK Temporary Staffing is managed by OU Human Resources and offers qualified temporary employees to the OU Norman Campus, the HSC Campus and the OU-Tulsa Campus. HR maintains a pool of qualified workers with a wide variety of skills to send out on assignments across all 3 campuses. Check out the FAQs and other PEAK pages for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of assignments can I expect from PEAK Services?

The majority of assignments with PEAK Services provide clerical/administrative support such as reception, bulk mailings, conference preparation, and filing. On occasion there may be a limited need for assignments involving light labor duties or highly skilled services.

2. What is the average length of a PEAK assignment?

The length of each assignment varies depending on the needs of the departments. It could be for one day, weeks, or months. Assignments can end unexpectedly or be extended.

3. How often could I expect to be employed by PEAK Services?

As with any temporary service, there is no guarantee that you will be kept steadily employed. Several factors determine this:

  • Your clerical/administrative experience
  • Departmental needs 
  • Number of available PEAK assignments
  • Number of PEAK people available to be placed

4. Can I work for PEAK Services and continue to seek permanent employment?


5. Can a PEAK Services assignment go from temporary to permanent?

Most PEAK assignments are for a temporary need only, with no job vacancy. If a department has a job vacancy listed with Employment Services, the PEAK person still has to go through the application process and meet all the minimum qualifications in order to be referred to the hiring department.

6. How long can a PEAK person work for the same department?

Currently there is no limit on the hours a PEAK employee can work for a department, as long as the position is funded.

7. Can a retiree work for PEAK?

Yes; however, retirees participating in Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System must wait 60 days before being appointed to PEAK.


PEAK Office
OU Human Resources
905 Asp, Rm 205
Norman, OK
(405) 325-1826