Encourage Health Crew Logo

The Encourage Health Crew is a group of OU employees committed to health and to sharing resources about wellness with coworkers. An Encourage Health Crew member serves as an ambassador for employee wellness. They volunteer to assist in the implementation and coordination of wellness initiatives in their department. They share information, engage friends and colleagues to participate in wellness programs, and create excitement around leading a healthy lifestyle.

Become a Member: If you are looking for a unique opportunity to help yourself and others to improve health and well-being, contact HealthySooners for more information. Crew members may also be nominated by co-workers who feel the nominated person possess the leadership, excitement, and positive influence necessary to encourage their peers to participate in healthy behaviors.

Encourage Health Crew Commitments

Encourage Health Crew members commit to these responsibilities:

  • Have Fun!
  • Serve as a liaison between HealthySooners and employees in your area to promote and communicate wellness and benefit programs.
  • Have interest and commitment to wellness by promoting the program through leadership, enthusiasm, and guidance.
  • Participate in quarterly meetings that are designed to provide skills and support.
  • Ask employees about their wellness interests and needs to help plan and coordinate programs.
  • Complete programs (fitness challenge, educational classes, health fairs, etc.) on various health topics.
  • Keep up-to-date on HealthySooners activities, promote monthly health topics, and encourage participation in university-sponsored wellness programs and screenings.
  • Coordinate the implementation of wellness activities in your area, including scheduling, promoting and evaluating the program.
  • Provides activity reports and other summaries of the wellness programs they are involved in, including progress made, problems encountered, and next steps for the program.