Steps to Retirement

HR recommends following this timeline to complete the necessary steps towards your retirement. You can download a printable version of this checklist from the resources section in the sidebar of this page.

Retirement Timeline

6 Months Before Retiring

  1. Contact Human Resources to confirm your retirement eligibility. Once HR has confirmed your eligibility, select your OU retirement date.
  2. Set up an appointment with Fidelity to review your investment accounts and estimate your income benefits.
  3. If you're retiring with benefits from the Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System (OTRS): 
    • Review the required forms and deadlines for the OTRS retirement process at If you miss the deadlines, your OTRS retirement date will be delayed.
    • Download the Pre-Retirement Information Verification (PIV) from the OTRS website or submit the PIV through the MyTRS member portal at This form must be submitted no later than 3 months before your OTRS retirement date.

3 Months Before Retiring

  1. Notify your department of your plan to retire. An electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) will be prepared by your department indicating your retirement date.
  2. If you’re retiring with benefits from OTRS:
    • Submit your completed Pre-Retirement Information Verification (PIV) (found at or submit the PIV through the MyTRS member portal at no later than 90 days before your OTRS retirement date. When OTRS receives your PIV form, they will send you the Intent to Retire packet.
    • The Intent to Retire packet must be returned to OTRS.
  3. Contact your local Social Security Administration office for an appointment to review your records and learn about available benefits.
  4. If you are or will be eligible for Medicare benefits when you retire, start the enrollment process for Medicare Part A and Part B with the Social Security or Medicare office ( You must enroll during the appropriate enrollment period set by the Medicare office in order to avoid penalties and delays. Learn more about Medicare and OU Retiree Insurance here.

2 Months Before Retiring

  1. OTRS must receive your Application to Retire 60 days prior to your retirement date. In your application, you will select your retirement plan. OTRS will process your application and mail your final retirement contract.
    • When OTRS receives your Intent to Retire, they will send you the Final Retirement Contract packet.

1 Month Before Retiring

  1. If you're retiring with benefits from OTRS:
    • Submit the signed and notarized Final Retirement Contract to OTRS.
    • Submit the Insurance Coordinator Letter to your campus HR office.
  2. Confirm insurance decisions with Human Resources regarding medical, dental, vision, life, and Medicare if applicable.
  3. Update your address and beneficiaries in Employee Self Service.
  4. When you receive your retirement letter (mailed to your home address from HR), go to your campus ID Card Office for your Retiree ID Card and to the Parking Office for your faculty/staff retiree parking permit. We want to see you back on campus! Learn more about your university privileges as a retiree.
  5. Proof of Employment or Income - You may need proof of your OU employment or income in the future.