Changing Your Information in Retirement


Change Your Name & Address

Before you retire, change your address with the university by logging in to Employee Self-Service and change your name by contacting employee records. HR will automatically share your information with the retirement companies.


After you retire, contact Human Resources to change your name or address. Then, follow the directions below to make changes with the retirement companies directly.

Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System (OTRS)

Complete the Name/Address Change Form available on the OTRS website and return the completed form to OTRS.


Name and address changes must be completed by the university. Click here to contact the HR Retirement team


Log in to the TIAA-CREF website or call (800) 842-2733. Address changes can be made over the phone. When you call TIAA-CREF about a name change, they will send you the required forms. Return the completed forms and required documentation to TIAA-CREF.

Social Security Administration

To change your name, visit the Social Security Change Name website. Applications must include legal documentation of name change.

To change your address, go to the My Profile tab on your my Social Security account or contact the Social Security Administration directly.

Change Your Beneficiary


Change Your Investment Funds & Amounts

In the Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans and the 401(a) defined contribution plans (both the OU Contributory Retirement Plan and the OU Retirement Plan), you can change the investment funds and the amounts you have invested in each fund by logging in to Fidelity NetBenefits

To make changes to investments with TIAA-CREF, log in to the TIAA-CREF website ( or call 1-800-842-2733.