Steps to Retire

  1. Contact Human Resources to confirm your retirement eligibility. If you had a break in benefits eligible service or were previously employed on another OU campus, complete the Previous OU Employment Verification request and return it to HR. Once Human Resources has confirmed your eligibility date, you will receive the Guide to Retirement Planning that will outline retirement benefits and explain the necessary steps toward retirement.
  2. If you're retiring with benefits from the Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System (OTRS), contact OTRS at (405) 521-2387.
    • At least 6 months before your retirement date, confirm your OTRS retirement eligibility date by calling OTRS at (405) 521-2387.
    • At least 90 days before your retirement date, OTRS must receive your completed Pre-Retirement Information Verification Form
    • OTRS will send you instructions and several forms. Be sure to submit these forms by the deadlines indicated in the instructions. You can also find the OTRS retirement timeline here. OTRS will delay your retirement date if you miss these deadlines.
    • As soon as you receive the Employer Retirement Verification form from OTRS, complete your section and submit it to Human Resources. Human Resources must submit this to OTRS on your behalf at least 60 days before your retirement date.
    • At least 60 days before your retirement date, submit to OTRS the Intent to Retire form that was included among the forms from OTRS.  
    • At least 30 days before your retirement date, contact OTRS to confirm they've received everything.
  1. Notify your department of your intent to retire. A Personnel Action Form (PAF) will be prepared by your department indicating your retirement date.
  2. If you are or will be eligible for Medicare benefits when you retire, you should begin the enrollment process for Medicare by contacting your local Social Security Office.
    • At your local Social Security Office, you must enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B to maximize the benefit of your OU Health Insurance. You will be given a Request For Employment Information form to document your insurance coverage. Employee Services will complete and return this form to the Social Security Administration.
    • Medicare Part B is a deduction from your Social Security check. Contact your local Social Security Office or visit to determine your cost.
    • Employee Services needs your Medicare Part A & B numbers prior to your retirement in order to enroll you in the BCBS Traditional Indemnity Plan for Medicare retirees. Please provide your Medicare Part A and B numbers as soon as possible before your retirement date.
    • Currently Medicare Part D, the pharmacy benefit, is offered as part of your OU Health Package.
  1. If you're retiring with benefits from the Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System (OTRS), then return all completed documents to OTRS by the deadlines indicated in the Timelines for Retirement here. OTRS will delay your retirement date if you miss any of these deadlines.
  2. If you are enrolled in the long term care benefit, contact CNA to convert your coverage to a private plan and make billing arrangements. (800) 528-4582
  3. Confirm insurance enrollment with Human Resources.
    • Decide if you want to continue dependent medical or dental insurance coverage at your cost.
    • Turn in a separate enrollment form to continue life insurance coverage at your cost. Contact Human Resources for this form.
  4. Go to the Sooner One Card Office for your Retiree ID Card
  5. Update your address and beneficiaries
  6. Proof of Employment or Income - You may need proof of your OU employment or income in the future. Visit the Employment and Income Verification page for instructions.